Join our Book Club!


Curling up with a good book and my favorite yarn sounds like the perfect way to spend October with all of you!! For this month, we have chosen The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.

I would absolutely love for you to join us!!

In our KAL groups we have noticed a ton of us are avid readers and decided we wanted to hang out more! 

To join in our Book Club, you must be a current customer and purchased a skein of yarn within the past month. 

I would love to invite you to purchase my colorway inspired by the book! This is a surprise colorway! You can choose to purchase 1 skein, or a 3 skein fade. Must purchase by October 20. 

To join the chatter, you need to download the free app Discord

This is the link to the group: admission is closed

When you enter Discord you will be in a waiting room. In there you will need to update your nickname to be your First Name and Last Initial, and put your order number of your most recent purchase so we can put you in the Book Club group!

Email  if you have any questions.

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September 29, 2020 by Lauren Slagle