Fireworks! 4 Day KAL with Olive Knits

Fireworks! 4 Day KAL with Olive Knits


This KAL chatroom is open now - 7/31/21, for the Fireworks Sweater!!

The KAL starts 7/1/21-7/31/21!

This is the 5th Annual 4 Day Knit-a-Long with Olive Knits and OF COURSE we are participating!! Her pattern is called "Fireworks" this year, and it is my favorite 4 Day KAL Pattern Marie has designed! If you have never joined one of our chatroom-based knit-a-longs, you're in for a treat! There are so many enthusiastic people and a wealth of knowledge. Whether this is your first sweater for 400th, you need to join in!

You can find more details on my podcast I released 5/17/21!

Yarn Requirements:

I recommend using my yarn bases USA DK or Simple DK. If you do not see the colorway you'd like, use my Dyed to Order listing.

I'd recommend a Tonal Color, Sophisticated Tonal, or a lightly speckled colorway like the Barely There Collection, Wild Horses, Tin Roof Rusted, The Dowager Countess, etc.

Fit Advice

This sweater is meant to fit with about 2 inches/
5 cm positive ease. For best results, choose the size with a finished measurement that is 2 inches/5 cm larger than your full bust measurement.


1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
See finished measurements to choose your fit

Yarn in Skeins USA DK/Simple DK 

Size 1: 5 skeins

Size 2: 5/6 skeins

Size 3: 6/7 Skeins

Size 4: 6/8 Skeins

Size 5: 7/8 Skeins

Size 6: 7/8 Skeins

Size 7: 7/9 Skeins

Size 8: 8/9 Skeins

Size 9: 8/10 Skeins

Yarn in Yards

1185 (1357, 1510, 1660, 1772, 1863, 1959, 2061, 2169) yards/1083 (1240, 1380, 1517, 1620, 1703, 1791, 1884, 1983) meters

Note: Yardage is an estimate and may vary based on your gauge and yarn choice. If in doubt, please round up.

Bust/Chest Circumference: 33.9 (36.75, 43.2, 46, 48.5, 53, 56.75, 60.75, 64.75) in/84 (93.5, 108, 115, 123, 134.5, 144, 154.5, 164.5) cm


In order to participate, you must have:

1. Purchased 3+ skeins of DK weight yarn from recently, order date 4/1/21 or later. 

OR be a Patreon Member!

2. Use 100% lolodidit yarn in your project.

3. Don't want to knit Fireworks? You can knit ANY of Olive Knit's 4 Day KAL sweaters along with us! Stillwater, Beekeeper, Foxtrot, Soundtrack, or Fireworks!

4. You must purchase the Fireworks pattern (or other 4-Day KAL patterns) from Olive Knits.

5. No need to knit it in 4 Days! You have a whole month in the KAL we are hosting, so no pressure and ALL fun!! Participation totally counts!!

At the end of the KAL there will be a drawing for prizes, drawn randomly. There are TONs of prizes for both completion AND participation! 

To join the chatter or Zoom meetings, you need to download the free app Discord

This is the link: - admission will close on July 5th, 2021.

When you enter Discord you will be in a waiting room. In there you will need to update your nickname to be your First Name and Last Initial, and put your order number of your most recent purchase so we can put you in the group!

Are you already in one of my chatrooms? All you need to do is go the waiting room and tell us what group you'd like to join and your order number for your yarn purchase. 

Email  if you have any questions.

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YES!!! Yarn is ready for you!!!!! We ship quickly! See the current turn around time at the top of my website!

We always ship matching dye batches, so all your skeins match if you purchase them at the same time. If you purchase them at different times, they may not match perfectly. Regardless if you have the same dye batch, I recommend alternating skeins using Helical Knitting. Want to learn that technique? It's featured in all of the My Fair Lady Pattern Collection!

Here is a YouTube Tutorial on Helical Knitting:


What are the prizes? Will be rewarded to people who finish in one pool and people who don't finish in another pool. There will be a grand prize awarded too! Lots of prizes of all sizes and winners. The Grand Prize is a $100 Gift Card to my shop!