Hippos for Holidays KAL (May - August 2021)

Hippos for Holidays KAL (May - August 2021)


YES! We will continue to have the Hippos Knit-a-Long for 2021!

Admission for this KAL will close July 31, 2021

This KAL is a little different for 2021, so please read through the details.

This KAL begins 5/1/21 - 8/31/21. Every 4 months of 2021 we will have a new group admission and prize pool so it isn’t quite so long a wait for the exciting parts (prizes)!


We all need good friends in our lives, great chatter, amazing inspiration, motivation, and a fun time!! Please share ANY lolodidit project you’re working on (or dreaming about). It doesn’t have to be a Hippo project. We want to have fun!! We have Zooms frequently and would love for you to join and chat there too.


In order to participate, you must have:


1. You must have purchased at least one “hippo” colorway after 4/1/21 -OR- be a part of our Hippos Subscription -OR- be a Patreon member.


2. FOUR (4) Hippo Projects in 4 months! You do not have to knit one/month. Just have 4 Hippo projects start date 5/1/21 or later, finished by 8/31/21.



  • Your goal should be using at least 50g of a fingering weight yarn or the full skein of worsted or DK weight (Or several items that equal this weight of yarn). 


  • The whole item must be 100% #lolodidit yarn, the main colorway must be a Hippo or Yeti colorway.


  • It does not matter if the hippo or yeti colorway was dyed in previous years, it just matters that it’s a hippo or yeti colorway! 


  • No double dipping. You must use a different Hippo Colorway for each project.


At the end of the KAL, we will all share all of our photos, there will be a drawing for prizes, drawn randomly.


To join the KAL, you need to download the free app Discord. 

This is the link to the group: https://discord.gg/VF9sH4bWq5


When you enter Discord you will be in a waiting room. In there you will need to update your nickname to be your First Name and Last Initial. Then type in your order number with your latest Hippo purchase after 4/1/21 (or Patreon). We will put you into the chatroom within 48 hours.

Email admin@lolodidit.com  if you have any questions.

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  • Can I knit a Roxie the Hippo for the KAL? Absolutely! I ask for approx 50g of fingering weight. You will use approximately that amount for the pattern.
  • Can I double dip in other KALs or even other KALs you are hosting? Yes, double dip, triple dip! At your heart's content! 
  • I plan on knitting more than one hippo or colorway project in a month, can I enter more than one project? Heck yes! I want you to knit as many as you want to!
  • Can I knit one big project, like a blanket, instead of 12 small projects? Yes!


Photo courtesy of @stephhowell1 on Instagram, colorway Hippo for Knitflix (retired)