Pink-a-Long! January - April 2022

Pink-a-Long! January - April 2022

This KAL is January - April 2022


Any project! Cast on January 1st, 2022 or later!

Any yarn from that has pink in it! You have to use at least 5g of yarn that has pink in it to make it count. ;) This should cover any tiny projects you may get into. See points system for prize pool info below!

Did you know in any section on our website, you can filter the contents by color? And yarn weight too! So if you'd like to see the colors that have pink in them, use the filters!

We also created a PINK-A-LONG Collection!! 6 new pink colorways!!


In order to participate, you must:

1. Be a current customer.

a. Have purchased a skein of yarn in the past month (12/10/21 or later).

b. OR - be a Patreon Subscriber

2. Use 100% lolodidit yarn in your project. 


PRIZES: At the end of the KAL there will be a drawing for prizes, drawn randomly, from the FINISHED projects. 

You get points per finished object you knit! Each point is an entry for a prize!!

Cast on January 1st, 2022 or later!


less than 200

2 201 - 400
3 401 - 700
4 701 - 1000

1000 or more 


HOW TO JOIN THE KAL: you need to download the free app Discord

This is the link: 

When you enter Discord you will be in a waiting room. In there you will need to update your nickname to be your First Name and Last Initial, and put your order number of your most recent purchase so we can put you in the group!

Are you already in one of my chatrooms? All you need to do is go the waiting room and tell us what group you'd like to join and your order number for your most recent purchase. 

Email  if you have any questions.

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