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This year, we are the proud sponsors for Marie Greene's annual 4-Day Sweater Knit Along! Thousands of knitters world-wide participate in this, and it is always a blast! I hope you join us!

To read more about the journey of this KAL and Marie's story, click here.

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As we get more information from Marie, I'll update the information here. 

If you are a yarn shop, and would like to get some sweater quantities for your shop, click here to see my prices. You can either order directly from my website using this listing. OR, you can email me and I'll send you an invoice. is the best way to reach me, I usually respond within 24 hours Monday - Friday.


CLICK HERE to purchase the pattern!



May 23rd - Yarn and gauge info will be available to the public and the pattern preorder will be available at a discounted price. Preorder will include swatching information and any other details for participation. 

June 25th - the last day to order dyed to order to have your yarn shipped by July 1st (we will not guarantee delivery by July 4th, if you want it before July 4th, make sure to order before June 25th).

June 27th - The pattern becomes available to your Ravelry library (and on this date.

July 4th - Cast on day! The knitalong will run July 4th-18th. You will be able to cast on at any time during this period. 



For this KAL we recommend our Sophisticated Tonal colors. Our Tonal Collection is also perfect! You can order yarn ready to ship for those links, or click here to order Dyed to Order. If you'd like to sample our yarn, check out our swatch skeins.



For Bust Sizes:

32 (34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 48, 52) in

81 (86, 92, 97, 102, 107, 112, 122, 132) cm 

(Positive ease is already built-in so you will not need to go up a size)

Simple Worsted:

857 (931, 1012, 1100, 1188, 1283, 1437, 1552, 1667) yards

783 (851, 925, 1005, 1086, 1173. 1314, 1419, 1524) meters


Break down of Bust Size to # of Skeins of lolodidit’s Simple Worsted you will need:

32in/81cm - 4 skeins

34in/86cm - 4.4 skeins

36in/92cm - 4.8 skeins

38in/97cm - 5.2 skeins

40in/102cm - 5.6 skeins

42in/107cm - 6 skeins

44in/112cm - 6.8 skeins

48in/122cm - 7.3 skeins

52in/132cm - 7.8 skeins


April 28, 2019 by Lauren Slagle