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This one hit me hard, guys! I was so sad to hear of this amazing woman's passing a couple of days ago. She is so iconic, so strong, and I love love love her music! You can't help anytime one of her songs comes on to sing along, get an attitude and dance! You all know I'm greatly inspired by music of all genres, and this is no exception.

In celebration of Aretha's life, career, and the inspiration she has brought through her music, we've named a new colorway "Respect."

It is very rare that have a colorway already dyed that doesn't have a name. But this one was so special. It is beautiful, fiery, and needed a strong name. The moment I heard about Aretha's passing I knew what the name needed to be instantly! Ding ding ding!! It was just waiting for me to catch up to what its name needed to be. 

I do not have proper photos on all the yarn bases or color combo suggestions, they are coming soon!

Colors that match are: Violet Beauregarde, Sriracha, Little Darlin, Beauty School Dropout, Iris, and Bubbles


Thank you all so much!




August 18, 2018 by Lauren Slagle