Orders ship within 3 business days, unless you order a "preorder" or "dyed to order."
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We now offer local pick up! We are located 5 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip!


How to request Local Pickup:

You need to request pickup locally in your order notes.

You also need to add this item to your cart: LOCAL PICKUP

This gives us 2 places on your order to make sure we don't miss your local pickup request.


Schedule your Local Pickup:

After placing your order, we still need time to process your order. It is the exact same as placing an order online and having it shipped. For "ready to ship" items, we need 3 business days (Monday - Friday). And for "dyed to order/pre order/ sports colorways" we need up to 9 business days. 

We will email you when your order is ready to pick up! At that time, you can schedule to pick up your order by replying to the email. 

We are usually available Monday - Thursday 9am - 1pm. If there are any changes to those available times, we will let you know in your pickup email. Scheduling times will be in 1 hour slots so we know when to expect you and don't have our hands in the dye pots when you ring our doorbell.

Orders will only be held for 2 weeks (14 days). 


Once you have your Local Pickup:

We will refund any shipping charges! We still charge shipping up front, because if for whatever reason the pickup doesn't happen or go as planned, we can still ship it to you easily. While we know this will be rare, we do know this is Vegas, anything can happen! ;)


What to expect:

This truly is a pick up, we do not have a retail space or a place for you to shop. We will have your shopping bag waiting for your at the front door, have you sign for your order, and carry your beautiful squishy yarn out. 

Please do not show up unexpectedly without an order, we will not be able to facilitate an order in person. 

We do not give tours of our studio space, this is a working dye studio and online business. We are offering local pickup as a convenience to those traveling or who live in town. 


September 04, 2019 by Lauren Slagle