Abrazo Fuerte Shawl (kit) by Lolodidit

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Kit Options Yeti x 2, Sunglasses Not Included x 1 on Simple DK

Abrazo Fuerte Shawl Kit is the yarn only, the pattern is not included.

Purchase the Abrazo Fuerte Shawl pattern separately from lolodidit.com or Ravelry!

I really enjoy designing beautiful, classic shawls that are simple to make. The special stitch I use in this pattern looks like a little hug, which is why I named it abrazo, which means hug in Spanish. I originally designed this shawl in the summer time, but now that it’s winter, I thought it fitting to write a DK weight version for the colder months. This is why I named the DK weight version abrazo fuerte which means strong hug in Spanish. A nice, cozy, strong hug for the winter! Brr!!

The pattern is not included in the kit.

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Yeti KIT:

2 skeins of Yeti on Simple DK

1 skein of Sunglasses Not Included on Simple DK


Sriracha KIT:

2 skeins of Sriracha on Divine Yak

1 skein of Naked on Divine Yak* 

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2 skeins on Simple DK or Divine Yak

1 skein on Simple DK or Divine Yak


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