Glorious Morning - Hocus Pocus Collection

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Yarn Base Alpaca Fluff - DTO

Inspired by fall and halloween!

TURN AROUND TIME: We dye to order every Monday! And ship by Thursday of the same week. If you're ordering over a weekend (Th - Sun) that means your order takes only 2 days longer than a ready to ship listing. That is VERY fast for DTO, so never be afraid to order our DTO listings. 

WHY? Why do we dye to order new colorways? Because for a difference of 2 days (see above) it is WORTH IT! You can order any of our yarn bases and there is no cart jacking or stressful shopping. Why is it better for us? So we are spending our time dyeing exactly what you want, AND keeping our tonals and sophisticated tonals in stock for you!

IMPORTANT: Please know these are hand dyed, and every batch looks slightly different.  

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Each skein is hand dyed, they are each unique regardless of being the same colorway and name. If you are making a multi-skein item, you will want to alternate skeins.

The photos you see are just a few skeins. The skein you receive will not look exactly like this photo, as each skein is unique, but will have the same colors/style. Some skeins have more or less of each of the colors. This is the beauty of hand dyed yarn. 

While I try my best to take photos to accurately represent the colors, each computer/mobile device varies in colors, if you have questions about color/photos, please ask.

Hand dyed with professional acid dyes. We wash all yarns in water several times to see that the water is running clear. Then they are washed in unscented Eucalan wool wash. Even with this process, you may still get minimal bleeding on the first few washes. 

Dyed and stored in a smoke-free, dog-friendly studio.

Care: For best results, hand wash in cold water with an unscented wool wash of your choice. Lay flat to dry.

Detergent: I recommend Eucalan unscented, or another wool-specific unscented wash.

See the top of the website for processing time. Click here for more details.