Harry Potter Lil Lolo Pack (Pre Order) - Patreon Only

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A lot of the Harry Potter Colorways in Lil Lolo's! Not all of them! But, these are definitely all the fan favorites. I almost NEVER offer Lil Lolo's in Signature Colorways, but this was too fun to pass up!

While the Harry Potter Collection is not "cohesive" and probably wouldn't go in all one pattern together, there are definitely some that are complimentary, plus this is a great way to knit with all of them!!

Colorway names: Beauxbatons | Polyjuice Potion | Honeydukes | Zonko's |

Wizengamot | Dobby's Socks | The Quibbler | The Burrow


This pack includes (1) Lil Lolo of each of the colors in the photo (8 total).

Each Lil Lolo Loriginal - 124 yards/28g

8 Lil Lolo's - Total 992 yards/224g


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