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Point Me Home Shawl (kit) by Lauren Slagle - PREORDER


Point Me Home Shawl Kit is the yarn only, the pattern is not included. This is a preorder, and will ship by the end of January.

To purchase your Point Me Home Shawl pattern, CLICK HERE!

This kit is a surprise 3-skein colorway fade. You don't get to see a photo yet! But, I will give you  some details. The base colorway will be a gray gradient with bright colored speckles gaining in intensity as you go darker and darker. The photo in this listing is in black and white, but it gives you a great idea of the way the fade will look.

I highly recommend adding a lace weight fluff yarn. Either Naked Hippo on MoLo or Naked Hippo on Alpaca Fluff would be a gorgeous addition. To get the right amount of yardage, you'll need 2 skeins of MoLo or 3 skeins of Alpaca Fluff. I have added those options in the drop down menu of these kits.

Point Me Home has a garter stitch triangle pointing you to home. Home can be so soothing and comforting, just like garter stitch can be for us knitters. Home can mean something different to each person. As this year draws to a close, I know what home means to me. It means being near family and doing things I really love to do. This year has truly helped me bring my priorities into focus. I hope you can see that direction in this shawl.

The pattern is not included in the kit.

If you are not interested in kits, but would like to shop around for your colors, we have TONS of colors available ready to ship!


 The pattern is not included in the kit.