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Sweater Quantity - 4 Skeins - Dyed to Order - Ships within 9 business days.


This listing is for those of you who are planning a bigger project! 

Use this listing for any "current" Signature Colorway, Tonal Color, or Barely There Colorway if we don't have the quantity needed currently in stock. 

(4) Skeins of Yarn, choose your yarn base

 Write your colorway in the order notes.

See below for which colorways you can write in for this listing.

ONLY 1 Colorway on 1 yarn base.

This listing is not to mix and match what you're looking for, this is only for large projects of 1 colorway on 1 base. The majority of my shop is ready to ship, so I encourage you to check it out! 


For Wholotta DK dyed to order, please CLICK HERE

For MoLo dyed to order, please CLICK HERE



What Colorways you can write in for this listing:

You cannot choose any “retired” colorways, you can see this section to see what is retired. 

You can choose any "limited" colorways, but only until the date in the listing it says they are retiring. See this section for limited colorways.

If colorways don't fall into limited or retired categories, we can dye it for you anytime!

Hippos and Yetis:

You can also choose any "hippos" or "yetis" only until the date of the holiday or the date it retires. For example, Hippo for Christmas cannot be ordered after December 25th. They can also only be dyed on the limited bases: Loriginal, Everyday Sock, Plush Sock, Lolo's Favorite, and Simple Worsted.


The yarn will be dyed in the same batch at the same time. 

If we have the yarn already ready to ship, we will ship it to you only if it's all from the same dye date. (Dyed at the same time on the same day).

I dye in extremely small batches. Some colorways I dye only 1 at a time, so if you are making a large project I highly recommend alternating skeins to get an even color throughout the project. 

IMPORTANT - if you are ordering Baby Got Yak, understand that the base of that yarn is already a brownish/gray. So the color will not look as it does in photos on other bases. It will be darker and richer.

This is a dyed to order listing, the turn around time is 14 business days (Monday - Friday).

DYED TO ORDER: These skeins are dyed especially for you. All sales are final on Dyed to Order.