Episode 43 Notes

Episode 43 Notes

Podcast 43! Join Our KAL!

Published 4/16/21


We are starting a new Sweater KAL!!! It will run from May 1 - July 31 

All the details to join the Knit-a-Long are here: https://lolodidit.com/blogs/knit-a-longs/episode-43-join-our-sweater-kal

Do you have to knit Dolly to join the KAL? Nope! You can knit any sweater you'd like using 100% lolodidit yarn! I always find it a ton of fun to knit the same thing with everyone all at once. Plus it's easier to ask questions or get guidance.

If you don't see the colorway on the yarn base you want, use my Dyed to Order listings: https://lolodidit.com/collections/dyed-to-order-naked/products/dyed-to-order-choose-your-base-and-colorway


To join Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lolodidit


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Join our Knit-a-Longs! CLICK HERE 

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