Episode 44 - Secret to Share!

Episode 44 - Secret to Share!

Podcast 44! Outlander Everything!

Published 4/27/21


A new club has begun!!! All inspired by Outlander. This is a completely cohesive collection, with all the colors you would can imagine from the books or see in the TV series. It's gorgeous and stunning and I can't wait to get it in your hands!

All the details on the new club are here: https://lolodidit.com/collections/subscriptions

Patterns I've published before that would go amazingly with the club colorways:

Genesis Wrap

Polar Bear Shawl

Boombox Shawl

Point Me Home

All of these patterns can be found on lolodidit.com or Ravelry.

I have a new pattern collection coming out soon called "My Fair Lady Collection" if you want to know more, subscribe to my newsletter!

New colorways:

Yeti Goes to Lallybroch

Dragonfly in Amber

If you don't see the colorway on the yarn base you want, use my Dyed to Order listings: https://lolodidit.com/collections/dyed-to-order-naked/products/dyed-to-order-choose-your-base-and-colorway


To join Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lolodidit


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