Shipping Expectations

We are currently shipping orders within 5 business day, for everything except Dyed to Order - see below for Dyed to Order details.

5 business days is our processing time, your order will leave our hands within 5 business days or less. Then, it's up to USPS or UPS to get it to you.

For example, if you ordered on a Tuesday, it will ship by the following Tuesday. If you ordered on a Friday, it will ship by the following Friday, and so on. 

Generally, we process orders on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 8am EST, unless there is a holiday on one of those days.

If this doesn't answer your questions, please email and we will answer your question as soon as we can! Generally, we respond to emails Monday - Thursday.


We are usually off the same days as USPS:


What's Dyed to Order (DTO)?

We dyed all Dyed to Order items on MONDAYS after you order. We process orders at 8am EST, so if you order after 8am EST on Monday, your order will be dyed the following Monday.

They will ship by Friday after we dye it (basically, as soon as it's dry, twisted and tagged, we send it out to you)!

Items that are Dyed to Order:

MOST "Current Colorways" - it will say within the listing.


Dyed to Order

Barely There Collection

Kits for Patterns 

Wholotta DK



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