Braided Bulky Beanie by Lolodidit KIT

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Kit Options Amazed + That's Amore

The Braided Bulky Beanie Kit is the yarn only, the pattern is not included.

Purchase the pattern separately from or Ravelry.


I have ALWAYS wanted a hat with a Latvian braid and as soon as I felt this yarn in my hands, I knew this was it! It has such a gorgeous stitch definition, texture, and hand feel. PERFECT for a cozy, warm hat for the winter and to make that Latvian braid pop! 


The pattern is not included in the kit.


If you are not interested in kits, but would like to shop around for your colors, we have TONS of colors available ready to ship! You need 2 skeins of Bulkylicious


Amazed + That's Amore KIT (Sample):

1 skein of Amazed on Bulkylicious

1 skein of That's Amore on Bulkylicious


Elaida + Coal Miner's Daughter KIT:

1 skein of Elaida on Bulkylicious

1 skein of Coal Miner's Daughter on Bulkylicious


Narnia + Angry Rhino KIT:

1 skein of Narnia on Bulkylicious

1 skein of Angry Rhino on Bulkylicious


Brown Eyed Girl + Denim KIT:

1 skein of Brown Eyed Girl on Bulkylicious

1 skein of Denim on Bulkylicious


Shamrock + Bubblicious KIT:

1 skein of Shamrock on Bulkylicious

1 skein of Bubblicious on Bulkylicious


Blue Suede Shoes + That's Amore KIT:

1 skein of Blue Suede Shoes on Bulkylicious

1 skein of That's Amore on Bulkylicious


Bourbon + Fortunate Son KIT:

1 skein of Bourbon on Bulkylicious

1 skein of Fortunate Son on Bulkylicious




The pattern is not included in the kit. 

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