Doolittle Hat (kit) by Lolodidit

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Kit Options Blackberry Jam/Goody Goody KIT

Doolittle Hat Kit is the yarn only, the pattern is not included.

Purchase the Doolittle Hat Pattern separately from or Ravelry.

To purchase the entire My Fair Lady Pattern Collection, CLICK HERE.

This is part of the My Fair Lady pattern collection. All the items of the collection feature helical knitting and are named after our favorite characters. This one is named for Alfred Doolittle! The perfect beanie!

The pattern is not included in the kit.

Blackberry Jam/Goody Goody  KIT (Photo 1):

1 skein of Blackberry Jam on Simple Worsted

1 skein of Goody Goody on Simple Worsted


Pride+Joy/Pinky Tuscadero  KIT (Photo 2):

1 skein of Pride+Joy on Simple Worsted

1 skein of Pinky Tuscadero on Simple Worsted


Breakfast at Tiffany's/Double Espresso  KIT (Photo 3):

1 skein of Breakfast at Tiffany's on Simple Worsted

1 skein of Double Espresso on Simple Worsted


Narnia/Angry Rhino  KIT (Photo 4):

1 skein of Narnia on Simple Worsted

1 skein of Angry Rhino on Simple Worsted




If you are not interested in kits, but would like to shop around for your colors, we have TONS of colors available ready to ship! You need 2 skeins of Simple Worsted. 



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