Dyed to Order - Tonal/Sophisticated Tonals

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Yarn Base Alpaca Fluff
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Please, write the colorway and quantities in your order notes.

If the information is not in your order notes, it will delay your order.

This is a dyed to order listing, the turn around time is always at the top of my website and in your order confirmation. 

CLICK HERE for yarn base information.


YOU MAY ONLY CHOOSE TONAL or SOPHISTICATED TONAL COLORS FOR THIS LISTING. There are no quantity limits. You can order as much or as little as you would like.

Signature Colorways (speckles) that are available as Dyed to Order will say so in their listing and which bases you can order. If you don't see it available as dyed to order, then we are not currently dyeing that Signature Colorway.

IF you would like to order full pot(s) of a Signature Colorway that is not currently available on the website (leaving us with no extras to sell on the shop) we are always open to this! You just have to reach out and ask if it's something we can do at the time you're planning your project. Please do not use this listing, please email support@lolodidit.com to discuss details such as quantities, colorway, and getting an invoice. Quantities of each Signature Colorway vary depending on how we dye them.  


The yarn will be dyed in the same batch at the same time. 

If we have the yarn already ready to ship, we will ship it to you only if it's all from the same dye date. (Dyed at the same time on the same day).

I dye in extremely small batches. Some colorways I dye only 1 skein at a time, so if you are making a large project I highly recommend alternating skeins to get an even color throughout the project. 

DYED TO ORDER: These skeins are dyed especially for you. All sales are final on Dyed to Order.

Hand dyed with professional acid dyes. We wash all yarns in water several times to see that the water is running clear. Then they are washed in unscented Eucalan wool wash. Even with this process, you may still get minimal bleeding on the first few washes. 

Dyed and stored in a smoke-free, dog-friendly studio.

Care: For best results, hand wash in cold water with an unscented wool wash of your choice. Lay flat to dry.

Detergent: I recommend Eucalan unscented, or another wool-specific unscented wash.

See the top of the website for processing time. Click here for more details.