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Color Toes in the Sand
The Just Beachy Kit is the yarn only, the pattern is not included.

Purchase the Just Beachy pattern separately from paperdaisycreations.com or Ravelry.

Who’s ready for a day at the beach?! It’s no secret that lounging in the sand and listening to the waves crash onto the shore is a great way to relax. Playing in the surf, swimming in the water, or paddling over the surface, there’s no limit to the fun to be had! This mystery wrap combines simple, relaxing stitches with the thrill of underwater adventures. You’ll discover new techniques, play with garter and stockinette in new ways, and experience unique construction that, like any good beach read, will keep you guessing what comes next.

Lisa has created tutorial videos that will guide you along the way. Take a deep breath... it’s time to dive in!

If you would like to join in the chatter, check out my Patreon Channel, the Chatty Buddies Tier give you access to our chatroom (+ a ton more)! This is an awesome way to get to know other knitters, knit the same pattern along with them, learn new things, and make friends!!

This listing is for the YARN ONLY. The pattern is NOT included in this kit. You will need to purchase your pattern separately from Lisa Ross. 


Lisa of Paper Daisy Creation's Website: https://www.paperdaisycreations.com/shop/shawlswraps


We have some really stunning kits put together for you for this!!

Our Garden Variety yarn kits are perfect for this shawl as well! But, if you don't want to use a kit, we have tons of colors to choose from. 



For all kits, the MC is 2 skeins of Loriginal, and the CCs are Lil Lolo Loriginal minis.

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#1 Toes in the Sand

MC: Yeti

CC1-7: Red Red Wine, Elaida, Sriracha, Fame, Blue Tourmaline, Pride + Joy, Narnia


#2 Cheap Sunglasses

MC: Folsom

CC1-7: My Favorite Things, Wonka, Amazed, Dubble Bubble, That's Amore, Bumble, Just Ducky


#3 Bikinis + Trunks

MC: Royal

CC1-7: Yeti, Bubblicious, Sriracha, Bumble, Leprechaun, Elba Island, Wonka


#4 Stormy Seas

MC: Angry Rhino

CC1-7: Fame, Amazed, Shamrock, Bette Davis Eyes, Sassenach, Narnia, That's Amore


#5 Marine Life

MC: Happiness

CC1-7: Naked Hippo, Tea on the Gree, Shamrock, Double Espresso, Brown Eyed Girl, Yeti, Pure


#6 Coastal Vibes

MC: Naked

CC1-7: Angry Rhino, Coal Miner's Daughter, Folsom, Amazed, Royal, Bette Davis Eyes, Ice Ice Baby


#7 Sunshine through the Rain

MC: Folsom

CC1-7: Sriracha, Blazing 7's, Bumble, Lucky, Royal, Narnia, Wonka


#8 Blazing Summer

MC: Folsom

CC1-7: Red Red Wine, Elaida, Sriracha, Blazing 7's, Sweetness, Bumble, Just Ducky


#9 Sunset Horizon

MC: Angry Rhino

CC1-7: Rivendell, Anduin, Blue Tourmaline, Just Ducky, Blazing 7's, Sriracha, Elaida


This listing is for the YARN ONLY. The pattern is NOT included in this kit. You will need to purchase your pattern separately from Lisa Ross. 

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