Little Eliza Mittens (kit) by Lolodidit

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Kit Options Naked Hippo + Funny Girl

Little Eliza Mittens Kit is the yarn only, the pattern is not included.

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This is part of the My Fair Lady pattern collection. All the items of the collection feature helical knitting and are named after our favorite characters. Eliza is such an interesting character! I love her so much! Her determination, personal growth, and grit; her attitude is the best! So, I designed some mittens that I think show off a little of Eliza’s amazing and spunky personality. 

The pattern is not included in the kit.


Pink Sample Photo Colorways: Naked Hippo and Funny Girl

Green Sample Photo Colorways: Lucky and Ice Ice Baby


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Lucky + Ice Ice Baby  KIT:

1 skein of Lucky on Simple Worsted

1 skein of Ice Ice Baby on Simple Worsted


Naked Hippo + Funny Girl KIT:

1 skein of Naked Hippo on Simple Worsted

1 skein of Funny Girl on Simple Worsted 


Troll Hair + Yeti  KIT:

1 skein of Troll Hair on Simple Worsted

1 skein of Yeti on Simple Worsted


Wonka + That's Amore KIT:

1 skein of Wonka on Simple Worsted

1 skein of That's Amore on Simple Worsted 


Anduin + Blazing 7's  KIT:

1 skein of Anduin on Simple Worsted

1 skein of Blazing 7's on Simple Worsted


Bubblicious + Little Darlin KIT:

1 skein of Bubblicious on Simple Worsted

1 skein of Little Darlin on Simple Worsted 


Blue Suede Shoes + Bourbon  KIT:

1 skein of Blue Suede Shoes on Simple Worsted

1 skein of Bourbon on Simple Worsted


Elba Island + Leprechaun KIT:

1 skein of Elba Island on Simple Worsted

1 skein of Leprechaun on Simple Worsted 


Summer Nights + Sunglasses Not Included  KIT:

1 skein of Summer Nights on Simple Worsted

1 skein of Sunglasses Not Included on Simple Worsted


Royal + Coal Miner's Daughter KIT:

1 skein of Royal on Simple Worsted

1 skein of Coal Miner's Daughter on Simple Worsted 





If you are not interested in kits, but would like to shop around for your colors, we have TONS of colors available ready to ship! You need 2 skeins of Simple Worsted!



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