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These feature faux cables (no cable needle!) and a dutch heel. 

Boots are Duckfeet Faborg.

Last year I started a club called “The Quotable Dumbledore Club” and it is inspired by all of my favorite Dumbledore quotes! It was irresistible to me to come up with a pattern to honor the character I have grown to love and respect. So these socks are practical and have a little bit of whimsey, just like Dumbledore himself!


1 skein of lolodidit’s BFL Tweed Sock 

fingering weight 438 yards/100g

CC for heels, and toes:

1 skein of lolodidit’s Lil Lolo Loriginal

fingering weight 124 yards/28g


Alternatively you can use any of these popular yarn bases from lolodidit: Loriginal, Everyday Sock,  Plush Sock, Lolo’s Favorite, Sparkle Sock, and more! or Sock Set!

A set of 5 double pointed needles, or 32” (80cm) circular needle, US Size 1 (2.25mm)

Tape Measure

Darning Needle

Removable Stitch Markers

Sock Blockers (optional)

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Samples in photos:

Photo 1: December's The Quotable Dumbledore Club "Erised"

Photo 2: March's The Quotable Dumbledore Club "Light"

Photo 3/4: Just Ducky + Peaches n Cream

Photo 5: Summer Nights + Naked Hippo

Photo 6: Honeydukes + Troll Hair

Photo 5: Hello Gorgeous + Cherry Blossom

Photo 7: Hippo for St. Patty's + Clover

Photo 8: Honeydukes on BFL Tweed Sock + Troll Hair

Photo 9: Lucille + Brown Eyed Girl

Photo 10: Rivendell + Naked Hippo

Photo 11: Dothraki + Fortunate Son

Photo 12: Elba Island + Material Girl


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