Socks of Twilight by Paper Daisy Creations, Lisa Ross

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Kit Options This is the skin of a killer, Bella - Lolo's Favorite

The Socks of Twilight Kits are the yarn only, the patterns are not included.

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Lisa of Paper Daisy Creations is at it again! We are so happy to be a part of Lisa's amazing collection "Socks of Twilight" this fall!!! She will be releasing a 4 pattern sock collection inspired by the Twilight book series by Stephanie Meyer! 

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The patterns are not included in the kit.


Please make sure you have selected the kit you want by clicking on the name of the kit in the options.


**For the speckled skein in each kit, you can choose either Sparkle Sock or Lolo's Favorite. The "Sparkle Sock" or "Lolo's Favorite" in the Title only refers to the speckled skein base option. All other bases are listed with their respective colorways. 


KITS include 4 skeins, 1 skein of each colorway listed.


"This is the skin of a killer, Bella" KIT:

"Edward" on Lolo's Favorite - this is a Kit exclusive colorway!

Red Red Wine on Baby Got Yak

Double Espresso on BFL Tweed Sock

Narnia on Lolo's Favorite


"Lion fell in love with the lamb" KIT: 

Sugar & Spice on Lolo's Favorite

Bourbon on Baby Got Yak

Amazed on BFL Tweed Sock 

Fame on Lolo's Favorite


"Death is Peaceful, Life is Harder" KIT:

The Dowager Countess on Lolo's Favorite

Amazed on Baby Got Yak

Royal on BFL Tweed Sock

Lucky on Lolo's Favorite


"What if I'm the bad guy?" KIT:

Tin Roof Rusted on  Lolo's Favorite

Words on Baby Got Yak

Clover on BFL Tweed Sock

Angry Rhino on Lolo's Favorite


"You are my life now." KIT:

Cauldron on  Lolo's Favorite

Lucky on Baby Got Yak

Sunglasses Not Included on BFL Tweed Sock

Professor Plum on Lolo's Favorite


"My brand of heroin." KIT:

Carson on  Lolo's Favorite 

Coal Miner's Daughter on Baby Got Yak

Sriracha on BFL Tweed Sock

Folsom on Lolo's Favorite


"Do I dazzle you?" KIT:

"Edward" on Lolo's Favorite - this is a Kit exclusive colorway!

Nynaeve on Baby Got Yak

Pride + Joy on BFL Tweed Sock

Elaida on Lolo's Favorite 


"Look after my heart" KIT:

"Edward" on Lolo's Favorite -  this is a Kit exclusive colorway!

Denim on Baby Got Yak

Bumble on BFL Tweed Sock

Amazed on Lolo's Favorite


"Unconditionally and irrevocably in love" KIT:

"Edward" on Lolo's Favorite - this is a Kit exclusive colorway!

Amazed on Baby Got Yak

Blue Suede Shoes on BFL Tweed Sock

Words on Lolo's Favorite



This listing is for the yarn only, the patterns are not included with the kit. 

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