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The Tasting Menu Kit is the yarn only, the pattern is not included.


Tasting Menu MKAL is a stunning shawl with the usual fun and colorful style we have come to know from Stephanie of @tellybeanknits on Instagram.

Sample in photos is the Umami Kit


Click here to download your pattern!

The pattern is not included in the kit.


Stephanie recommends for this pattern:  1 Full Skein of Loriginal, and 9 Lil Lolo's on Loriginal.

If you are not interested in kits, but would like to shop around for your colors, we have TONS of colors available ready to ship!

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SOUR Full Skein: Oow! I Feel Good! - SOUR Lil Lolos: Dreamsicle, Buttercup, Bumble, Julep, Lucky, Elayne, Just Ducky, Sweetness, Blazing 7's

SPICY Full Skein: Folsom - SPICY Lil Lolos: Tea on the Green, Fortunate Son, Let's Go Squatching, Tin Roof Rusted, Angry Rhino, Coal Miner's Daughter, Blazing 7's, Sriracha, Red Red Wine

SWEET Full Skein: Naked - SWEET Lil Lolos: Sh Boom, Elba Island, Moiraine, Pinky Tuscadero, Big Girls Don't Cry, Beauty School Dropout, Little Drlin, Violet Beauregarde, Wonka

PALETTE CLEANSER Full Skein: Naked Hippo - PALETTE CLEANSER Lil Lolos: Ice Ice Baby, Pride+Joy, Starry Night, Naked, Ash, Pure, Professor Plum, Summer Nights, Prince

SALTY Full Skein: Ash - SALTY Lil Lolos: Lagoon, Diamond, Clouds, Ballerina, Bubbles, Sunday Morning, Amethyst, Telly Bean, Iris

UMAMI Full Skein: Tokyo - UMAMI Lil Lolos: Brown Eyed Girl, Aviendha, Blackberry Jam, Golden, Fame, Stay Golden, Nynaeve, Bourbon, Whiskey Kiss

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