Wallowing Cowl Pattern

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This is an absolutely beginner level cowl, a quick knit and SOOO beautiful and sophisticated. The perfect warm weather accessory!


Yes! You read that correctly. This is my wallowing cowl. What’s a wallowing cowl? This is the cowl you knit when you’re having a bad week, carb loading, and watching too many 1950’s musicals. The week I wrote this pattern, I was definitely having one of those weeks. I texted my sister “I’m Wallowing” and she immediately gets my Lorelai Gilmore reference and sends me the YouTube link. What are sisters for? Since I had all the time in the world to knit, but no knitting mojo, I pulled out two skeins of Lo Biggity and it turned into this gorgeous cowl!! Even if you’re having a wallowing day or week (year?) there are so many good and beautiful things that can come out of it! 




2 skeins of lolodidit’s Lo Biggity 

super bulky weight 75 yards/100g

Sample colorway: My Favorite Things


*Our Limited Time yarn base, Super Squish, would also be a great option*


30” (76cm) circumference 

9.5” (24cm) tall 


10 sts + 17 rows / 4” (10 cm) in stockinette


16” (41cm) circular needle, US Size 15 (10mm)

Tape Measure

Darning Needle

Removable Stitch Marker

Scale that weighs in 0.0 grams*

*If you have a scale that reads in whole numbers, that will work too, but it is less accurate. 

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